City Council Meeting – 12/12/17

  City Council Meeting - 12/12/17
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REGULARMEETINGAGENDA1.Call to Order2.Invocation3.Pledge of Allegiance4.Approval of the Consent Agendaa.Meeting Minutes –Tuesday, November 28, 2017(Work Session and Regular Meeting)b.Proclamation –Popular Spring UMCAppreciation Day(Edwards)c.Proclamation –Wayne WrightAppreciation Day (Edwards) 5.Approval of the Regular Meeting Agenda6.Proclamations and Recognitionsa.Proclamation –Senator Donzella James Appreciation Day (Edwards, Gumbs, Willis & Gilyard)7.Public Commenta.Speakers will be granted up to two minutes each and public comment will not exceed 30 minutes. Speakers will not be allowed to yield or donate their time to other speakers.8.Discussion Itemsa.Clarification on voting process to select a name for the City (Edwards)b.General discussion on how best to involve the citizensin the voting process to select a City Seal (Baker)9.Businessa.Resolutionsi.Resolution approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Renaissanceand Union City for the use of Union City’s Court Facilities. (Res2017-076)ii.Resolution to Encourage the General Assembly to Respect Existing Municipal Borders; to Urge the General Assembly to Repeal the 1950 Local Constitutional Amendment to Prevent the Fulton Industrial District from being in a Municipality; and forOther Purposes. (Edwards & Gilyard -Res2017-078)iii.Resolution to Approve the Installation of No Parking Signs on the 6300 Block of Stonelake Drive. (Gumbs –Res2017-079) iv.Resolution to add Membership in a Fund of GeorgiaInterlocal Risk Management Agency (GIRMA); and ForOther Purposes. (Res2017-080)b.Ordinancesi.[2ndREADING]Ordinance to Amend the Charter of the Cityof South Fulton Amending Section 1.10 Changing the Nameof theCity to the City of “Renaissance”.(Ord2017-037)ii.[2ndREADING]Adoption of Insurance Premium Taxation.(Ord2017-038)iii.[2ndREADING]Ordinance to establish the convening of theMunicipal Court at regular intervals. (Ord2017-039)iv.[1stREADING]Adoption of Ordinance Establishing Historicand Cultural Landmarks Commission for TheCity of SouthFulton. (Rowell –Ord2017-040)v.[1stREADING]Amendment to Ord2017-031, EthicsOrdinance.(Gumbs –Ord2017-041)10.City Manager’s Weekly Updatea.TAN Payment update –CFO Frank Milazi11.Mayor and City Council Comments(Two Minutes Each)12.Adjournment

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