No Warehouses on South Fulton/Highway 92

In case you missed it, the Union City Zoning Board voted unanimously to recommend that the Mayor and City Council DENY the request to rezone 102 acres of land at South Fulton Pkwy and Hwy 92.

This is a great win for the people.

Our coalition, along with the Cliftondale Community, South Fulton Pkwy Alliance and the South Wind residents packed the meeting room and spoke with passion regarding our desire to stop warehouse developments along South Fulton Pkwy.

Now we need even more residents to attend the City Council meeting on 4/17, as this is when the City Council will vote to either grant or deny the rezoning request.

We must continue to pressure the elected officials to yield to the will of the people!

Please take some time next week to email Mayor and Council, even if you do not live in Union City, to let them know you do not want a 1.1 Million square foot warehouse on South Fulton Pkwy!

Wanda Mosley

Vince R Williams Mayor
Councilwoman Christina Hobbs
Councilman Brian k. Jones
Councilwoman Angelette Mealing
Councilwoman Shayla Nealy

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