Neighborhood Tips

Let’s all work together to help eliminate neighborhood crime. Please watch out for these activities in our neighborhood:

* Someone running from a car or home.
* Someone screaming. If you can’t explain the screams, call law enforcement and report them.
* Someone going door-to-door in the neighborhood or looking into windows and parked cars.
* Someone asking about past residents.
* Someone who appears to have no purpose wandering through the neighborhood.
* Unusual or suspicious noises that you cannot explain, such as breaking glass or pounding.
* Vehicles moving slowly without lights or without an apparent destination.
* Business transactions conducted from a vehicle. This could involve the sale of drugs or stolen goods.
* Offers of merchandise available for ridiculously low prices. The merchandise might be stolen.
* Someone walking or running while carrying property at an unusual time or place.
* Someone removing property from unoccupied residences.
* A stranger entering a neighbor’s home which appears to be unoccupied.
* A stranger in a car who stops to talk to a child.
* A child resisting the advances of an adult.

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