Illegal Truck Traffic

Good Morning Mayor and Council Woman Gilyard

On Wed Feb 28th 2018 between 7:45AM and 7:52AM I observed a 48’ Tractor Trailer GA Trailer Tag: WDG510 traveling on the following local roads. Clark Rd, Bethlehem Rd, Cedar Grove Rd and Rivertown Road. I believe this was a Schneider tractor. Most of these roads were newly paved and this truck caused some damage to grass on the shoulder and created at least 3 traffic stoppages because it could not make the turns and had to stop and back up.

I did call Fulton County Non Emergency and spoke with Tracey to report this incident. She asked if I would like to have an officer dispatched or I could come to the college park precinct when it open to file a report . I told her no because both I and the truck had moved away from the scene. I also called the COSF main number at 470- 809- 7700 @ 8:38am and reached a recording saying the offices open at 8:30am.

Can you provide me with instructions on how I should report this? I know this has a big issue with residents but either I am unfamiliar with the reporting process or a clear process has yet to be defined.

Also in addition to the signs that will be posted if you have not already done so I would strongly encourage you work with someone from the DOT to help designate roads in our jurisdiction where  truck traffic is “not” allowed so truckers can have this information in advance via GPS and or their routing system. It also wouldn’t hurt to send a letter to all the local warehouses to notify them of restricted roads in COSF.

Respectfully submitted
A concerned and civic minded resident of
The City of South Fulton
District 4

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