Charles Glover (Past-President)

Charles Glover Sr. relocated from New York City and now resides as a south Fulton resident since 2005.
He resides in the Cedar Grove Village subdivision with his wife Cassandra and family.

Charles completed a 20 year career in law enforcement in New York for the New York City Department of Corrections. He attained the rank of captain after four years and served on the executive board for the Correction Captain’s Union.

In 2010 Charles was elected to serve as the neighborhood watch coordinator in his subdivision. Charles was trained and certified in neighborhood watch duties by the Bureau of Justice Assistance in March of 2012, along with many members of the Fulton County Police Department Community Policing Unit, headed by Captain Hattie Cotton-Tukes.

Charles graduated from the Fulton County Citizens Academy in 2013, where he learned firsthand how the police responds and interacts with all citizens, as well as how investigations are handled among other things.

Charles is serving in his third year (2017) as president of the Cedar Grove Community Association (CGCA).  He is dedicated to ensuring that the community of Cedar Grove is:

  • Properly respected and represented by our elected officials.
  • Served by the organization to act as a vehicle for community issues of concern.
  • Viewed as a vital partner with local businesses and officials.

Charles is proud to serve as president of the Cedar Grove Community Association.

Charles currently work and manage in the physical security industry; a few of his clients are:

  • AMC Theaters
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • Bet
  • A3C
  • Delta
  • Little Women of Atlanta.

One of Charles favorite past-times is golf as he is an avid golfer.
Charles looks forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.

To contact Charles use the contact form below:

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