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Today I received numerous out of state phone calls that I did not answer. The last one was from Sabetha Kansas. I didn’t realize that it was a robo call until I talked with a friend who received it and saved it. It was from South Fulton Citizens for Truth, their message was:

Vote no so we can stay unincorporated.
If we vote yes our taxes and utilities will go up.
We lack a commercial base so the tax burden will be on us, the citizens.
Becoming a city is a republican movement and those at the top are republicans who want to incorporate all of Fulton County.

They said if you don’t believe it, ask them.

This is the truth and the real truth:
1. If we stay unincorporated, Atlanta and other cities will continue and begin to incorporate us such that we not be viable because we will be broken up into many pieces. Our current population exceeds over 100,000 people from the Cascade Area to down here where we are.

2. Read HB514 that the General Assembly voted on for us to be able to vote to become a city. It includes a cap on our taxes. Exceeding the cap has to be voted on by us.

3. Why would our utilities go up? It could not be our gas and electric that we personally pay. Would Atlanta raise our water cost? Why would they? Could it be sanitation? I do not think our sanitation service should be administered by the City. That is a conversation that citizens should have with those who run for office and afterwards.

4. A couple of days ago, the Ga. Supreme Court overturned the request from Atlanta to annex Fulton Industrial Blvd; a commercial area that generates more commercial revenue than any other industrial area east of the Mississippi. Fulton Industrial is written into HB514 so they will be in our city paying taxes. We will not have a tax burden as a city.

5. The campaign is not a partisan one. It is the people’s campaign that is open to people who are committed to working together to achieve what we know is the truth – we’ve operated as a city without a charter and have so many opportunities to be better.

Don’t believe what is not true. We can support everything we share with you with facts and tell you where to go to find them if you want additional info.

From James Reese
For the vast majority of us our biggest asset is our home. We depend upon Fulton County Police and Fire which WE PAY FOR to help us protect our homes.

FACT as an UNINCORPORATED AREA we DO NOT have the resources to sufficiently improve the Fulton County POLICE or Fulton County FIRE RESCUE. There is NO MORE $$$$.

FACT as a CHARTERED CITY we would HAVE the resources to make IMPROVEMENTS in Fulton County POLICE AND FIRE RESCUE as they would become CITY OF SOUTH FULTON POLICE and FIRE RESCUE. WE would have the $$$$ to grow both departments and provide the necessary coverage. Incidentally, that also helps the surrounding cities.


The LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX collected by Fulton County was $36 Million in 2015. Those funds went into the County coffers. All CITIES get LOST Revenue. As an Unincorporated South Fulton we GET NOTHING. As a City we would get an estimated $25 MILLION of those funds.

CITY = The ability to improve Public Safety
UNINCORPORATED = Continued gaps in Public Safety

We need the help to protect our biggest assets. Remaining unincorporated we are continually at risk of losing. As a city the risk is lowered. The best part? It will not cost any more than you are paying now.

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